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Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Every year, we handpick olives from our flourishing olive groves surrounding Spello. The olives are then taken to local mills (UCCD and Nizzi), where they are processed within 24 hours of harvesting.

Our Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is not just oil. It’s passion, tradition, and family. A piece of Umbria that you can take with you after your stay in the green heart of Italy.

Our Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% artisanal Umbrian extra virgin olive oil, produced by us.

Top-quality olive oil obtained directly from olives, exclusively through mechanical processes and cold extraction, pressed immediately after harvesting.

100% Moraiolo olive oil, with an intense green color and a fruity yet robust flavor, slightly bitter and peppery.

Choose the size

You can purchase our olive oil at the reception of the apartments located at Via Giulia 97 in Spello, and it is available in various packages and sizes.

Available in the following sizes:

100% Umbria Made Olive Oil

Umbria is the land of olive oil, and like many families in the region, we produce our own.

Completely Artisanal

100% Artisanal and Made in Umbria. Exclusively hand-harvested by our family following tradition.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High-quality olive oil obtained solely through mechanical processes and cold-extracted at local mills.

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